Sycasane Microfinance

Sycasane Microfinance is an enterprise grade software suite for the management of microfinance operations. There are lots of software everywhere, but the question is how efficient is your software working for you? How secured are your records? How easily can you share your application record over a network or to your other branches? How much support service are you getting from your software vendor? How easy and dynamic is your software to use? And how perfectly customized to your exact organization need is your software? These are a few of the unique services that stands us out in providing your software needs. Sycasane Microfinance Modules includes:

1. Loans Management Module
2. Savings Management Module
3. Time Deposits Management Module
4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module
5. Accounting Module (Accounts Payable, Banking and Cash, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Financial Reports)
6. Staff Management and Payroll Module
7. Team / Performance Management
8. Integrated User Management and Security
9. Audit Trail and User Activity Logging
10. Multiple Branch with Consolidated Reporting
11. Communication (Integrated SMS and Emailing)
12. Over 100 Industry Standard and Useful Reports
13. BOG Credit Bureau Reporting
14. Backup and Restore of Database
15. Network Capable (LAN / WAN / Internet)
16. Exporting of Reports To Various popular formats e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, HTML

Loans Management Module

The loans management module is feature rich. It enables microfinance institutions to easily track and monitor from loan application to loan closure. 1. Un-limited User Defined Loan Products …Every aspect of a product can be customized to behave as required e.g. Repayment Cycle, Interest Charging Method, Fees and Charges, Ledger Accounts, Tenor type etc.
2. Loan approval policy (No of Users Needed For Approval, Loan Limit of Users etc.) can be customized to suit the organization’s needs
3. User Defined Provision Settings
4. Automated Offer Letter Issuance
5. User Defined Ageing Analysis
6. Bounced Cheque Policy Settings
7. Options and Security Features can be activated to require two users authentication for some sensitive procedures.
8. Client Can Have Multiple Uniquely Identified Loans.
9. Loan Assessment Report Can Be Captured.
10. Options and Security Features can be activated to require two users authentication for some sensitive procedures.
11. System can auto generate Offer Letters with user customizable wording
12. Generate Loan Schedule Report.
13. Loans can be assigned to Individuals and /or Teams and Performance tracked
14. Repayments can be by cash, Cheque or bank transfer.
15. Multiple Cash Accounts can be defined in the Chart of Accounts
16. Tellers can print reports of daily receipts and reconcile with physical cash
17. Post Dated Cheque Mgt.

Savings Module

The Saving Module comprehensively manages activities and reporting related handling client deposits and withdrawals. It provides the flexibility to create savings products with easy customization and product differentiation. 1. Create User Unlimited User Defined Savings Products
2. Customize Savings Product Rules
3. Create User Defined Charges (e.g. COT) and specify charging rules
4. Set deposit approval policy to comply with Anti-money laundering and KYC regulations
5. Integrates with Banking and Cash Module and General Ledger.
6. Tellers Can Receive Deposits and Optionally Print a Deposit Receipt
7. Accounts can be classified as Individual, Joint Accounts, Associations or Business.

Many Useful Reports
1. Daily Mobilization Report
2. Daily Withdrawal Report
3. Teller Reconciliation Report
4. Vault Change Report
5. Mobile Agent Mobilization Report
6. New Accounts Opened Report
7. Client Statement of Accounts
8. Daily Charges Report

Accounting Modules

Sycasane has a full range account module:

1. General Ledger and Financial Reports
Journals, Trail Balance, Income Statement and Account Balances

2. Accounts Payable
Handles suppliers database, invoices and payments

3. Banking and Cash Payable
Handles all cash and bank transactions

4. Fixed Assets
Handles all fixed assets from acquisition, depreciation and disposal

5. Performance Monitoring
Quantitatively monitor Sales Staff Performance
SMS Integration
Pending Cheque Reminders
Bounced Cheque Reminders
Account Activity Alerts
Customized Alerts

Other Features

SMS Integration
Bank of Ghana / Credit Bureau Reporting
Importation of Payment from Controller and Accountant Generals Report