Eschools Administrator

As a company we recognize the fact that schools are a unique business group: - with more than usual social responsibility task and yet need to be profitable just like any other business! E-Schools Administrator is geared at helping schools make good managerial and financial decisions, free time and resources so you can concentrate on your core business…educating students and instilling in them your school's mission. It is an easy-to-use approach to the ever growing problem of excessive administration / management burdens and reporting requirements. E-Schools Administrator is a result of over 6 years of collaborative work with school owners and administrators, accountants, teachers, parents and students. Contributions and workshops with all stakeholders coupled with our vast experience and exposure to the school process has helped E-Schools Administrator evolve into a stable, easy-to-use and feature rich package that was designed from scratch with one objective :- HELP SCHOOLS EXCEL.

Students Records Management Module

With E-Schools Administrator you can easily store an impressive array of data on students. Analyzing student’s data and printing reports is intuitive and fast.

  1. Personal Information
  2. Non-Academic Assessment Data
  3. Conduct and Counseling Reports
  4. Awards and Achievements
  5. Parents Information
  6. Emergency Contact Information
  7. Medical Data
  8. Correspondence Tracking and Management
  9. Optional User Defined Fields
  10. Demographic Data

It is preloaded with over 50 useful and commonly required reports (class list , photo album, parent details, medical reports, conduct reports etc). Integrates with Microsoft Office: - Export data into Word or Excel, Acrobat formats.
  • User defined fields allow you extend / customize the software to meet your unique data capture needs.
  • Powerful search engines help you to query and find any information quickly and easily.
  • Mass mailing component allows you to easily send out letters / notices to parents.
  • Easily identify disciplinary patterns by maintaining pupil conduct, behavioral information.

Academic Records Management Module

This module is one of the strong points of E-Schools Administrator. It is a total academic data management solution. It is flexible, easy-to-use and feature rich.

1. It greatly reduces the workload required to maintain detailed students’ academic data.
2. It allows teachers to quickly spot problem areas and initiate appropriate corrective measures.
3. It enables school administrators to easily analyze student’s performance.
4. Your terminal reports are neat, error free and professional looking.
5. Computes Cumulative Weighted Assessment Reports.

Billing, Fees Collection and Student’s Financial Records Management Module

This module automates the entire student financial related processes: -

Preparation of bills -> Billing students -> Printing of bills -> Receiving payments and issuing receipts -> Generating payments reports e.g. day summaries, debtors list, reminder notices.
• Process statements for all parents at one time.
• Print statements in batches or individually.
• Provide parents with recap statements for any range of dates, and reprint copies of original statements.
• Tracks advance deposits and enrollment fees.
• Easily process payments made by students.
• Merge data seamlessly with word processing documents for correspondence.
• System automatically finds accounts meeting past due criteria and prints reminder letters.
• Maintain and view unlimited years of payment history, drilling down to complete detail.
• Track organizations that offer scholarships or sponsor students.
• Posts directly to General Ledger.
• Exports to Windows spreadsheet and word processing programs.
• Add user-defined fields.
• Dozens of standard reports keep you up to date on every aspect of your operation.
• "Wizards" walk you through creating bills and reports.
• Attractive statements fully document all account activity.
• Include miscellaneous charges (bookstore, transport fees, dining hall, etc.).
• Choose from a variety of statement formats that can include your logo.
• Print high-quality, low cost statements on plain paper using any printer.
• Print customized messages on bills.

Generate Many In-Built Reports
▪ Debtors Lists
▪ Class Ledgers
▪ Payment Receipts
▪ Statement of Accounts Reports
▪ Fee Collection Reports
▪ Expected Revenue Reports
▪ Reminder Notices
▪ Scholarship Disbursal Reports
▪ Statement of Accounts
▪ Student’s Terminal Bills
▪ Scholarships

Staff Management Module

Store extensive information for each employee -- address and phone numbers, scanned/digital employee photo, emergency contacts, employment details, banking information, etc.

• Keep detailed information on incidents e.g. disciplinary cases.
• User defined fields help you to classify and group staff.
• Comes preconfigured with many useful reports. E.g. Staff contact reports, subject area reports etc
• Store educational history of staff.
• Store employment history of staff.
• Create and Print Staff Time Tables

Payroll Module

Our fully integrated payroll package “FETU Version 1.5” simplifies payroll administration and human resource management. It saves you time and gives you full control over staff salary issues. It is sophisticated and yet easy-to-use. It automates all the intricacies of payroll processing: - taxes, benefits, loans, printing of pay slips etc.


• Automatically calculates payroll taxes and deductions
• Tracks staff earnings and payments
• Calculate company tax liabilities
• Easily adjust tax tables as laws change
• Track Social Security Contributions
• Print Pay Slips etc…

The payroll application integrates fully with all other staff related modules thereby saving you the need to repeat data entry task.

School ERP App

Teachers can take attendance, students can view timetable, parents can view attendance, principal and admins can send messages & announcements etc. using the same app.

Send messages to students and parents, pay fees, take attendance, request leave directly from your mobile.